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Infineon has confirmed it will supply its HybridPACK Drive G2 CoolSiC and bare die products to Xiaomi until 2027
Time: 2024-05-07  |    |  37
Xiaomi might be best known for its consumer electronics (mostly, smartphones), but it unveiled plans to launch its own car last last year. The firm said it spent more than USD 1.4 billion to develop its EV model, known as Xiaomi SU7. It says the car will run its HyperOS architecture, which powers phones and smart home systems. The goal is a more seamless experience, one where a consumer's apps and preferences work everywhere.

Now, Infineon has confirmed its role in the launch. It will supply HybridPACK Drive G2 CoolSiC 1200 V modules for the Xiaomi SU7 Max. The chips allow for higher operating temperatures, resulting in more range. Infineon has sold almost 8.5 million units of the modules since 2017.

It will also deliver EiceDRIVER TM gate drivers and more than ten microcontrollers in various applications. The two companies also agreed to further cooperate on SiC automotive applications to fully utilize the benefits of Infineon’s SiC portfolio.

Peter Schiefer, President of Infineon’s Automotive division, said: “We are very pleased to work with dynamic players such as Xiaomi EV and provide them with silicon carbide products designed to enhance the performance of electric cars even further. As the leading partner to the automotive industry, we are well positioned with our broad product portfolio, system understanding and multi-site manufacturing base to shape the mobility of the future.”
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