• Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
    Maxwell ultracapacitors - Changing how the world stores and uses energy.

    Maxwell’s industry-leading ultracapacitors are breakthrough energy storage and delivery devices that offer millions of times more capacitance than traditional capacitors.  They deliver rapid, reliable bursts of power for hundreds of thousands of duty cycles – even in demanding conditions.

    A New Standard

    Ultracapacitors create a new standard of energy-use optimization.  They are ideal for applications ranging from wind turbines and mass transit, to hybrid cars, consumer electronics and industrial equipment.  Available in a wide range of sizes, capacitance and modular configurations, ultracapacitors can cost-effectively supplement and extend battery life, or in some cases, replace batteries altogether.

    Lowering Costs, Increasing Value

    Proprietary advances in material science, coupled with process optimization and global manufacturing enable Maxwell to keep costs down and quality high.  This agility enables our product teams to tailor device design and performance to a wide spectrum of industry-specific uses.

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  • Aillen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
    Shipping 4 billion Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors every year with short lead time
    Main Products:  - Ultra-low Impedance Type;   - Low Leakage Type;  - Ultra-long Life Type;    - Ultra-high Voltage (550V) and Long Life Type. Competitive Advantages:  - CCD Testing;  - Fully Automatic Manufacturing Equipment;  - Special Manufacturing Processes; - Comprehensive Quality Management;  - SAP System, and Independent Lab Center.
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  • Knowles Capacitors
    Dielectric Laboratories · Johanson Manufacturing · Novacap · Syfer · Voltronics

    At Knowles Capacitors we make Multilayer, High Reliability, Single Layer and Precision Variable Capacitors, EMI Filters and Thin Film Devices. Our business was formed by combining Dielectric Laboratories, Johanson Manufacturing, Novacap, Syfer and Voltronics, each well-established specialty capacitor makers with a combined history of over 175 years, into a single organization.

    Our expertise is the design and manufacture of components important to engineers in applications where function and reliability are key. The markets we serve include medical implantable and medical equipment, military, aerospace/avionics, EMI and connector filtering, oil exploration,instrumentation, industrial electronics, optical networks, telecom and automotive.  We aim to be a leader in every market we serve, to the benefit of our customers and our mutual long-term success. We achieve this by:

    > Understanding our customers’ real needs and providing products and services to meet and exceed them.

    > Providing better products and services than competitors.

    > Investing in product development, manufacturing processes and people.

    > Insisting on the highest ethical standards and a business culture of trust, respect and open communication.

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  • Dongguan Carli Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Carli group headquarters in Taichung City in Taiwan Province, since its inception in 1986, after continuous development, improvement in the metal film capacitor manufacturing industry prestigious. In order to adapt to the development of the market and economic situation, in 1997, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the establishment of "Dongguan Carli Electronics Co., Ltd.", and in 2002 in Zhejiang to set up a "Jiaxing Zhejiang Carli Electronics Co., ltd.".

    Now the company has a staff of more than 1000, mainly the production of metallized film capacitors, including MPX, MTF, MTB, MEF, MEH, MEC, MEA, MET, MPF, MPH, MPC, MPD, MPB, MPA, MPT, DMB, DMS, DPC, DPS, MEK, MPK, MPR, MS3, RS3, MKP, SCD, SCH series capacitor, the monthly output reached more than one hundred and ten million.

    A major customer protection including SONY (Japan), TDK (Japan), NEC (Japan), BROTHER (Japan), SANKEN (Japan), SAMSUNG (Korea), LG (Korea), FLEXTRONICS (USA), EMERSON (USA), PHILIPS (Holland), OSRAM (Germany), SIEMENS (Germany) FOXCONN, (Taiwan), DELTA (Taiwan), LITEON (Taiwan), CHICONYPOWER (Taiwan), TPV (Taiwan), ACBEL (Taiwan), FSP (Taiwan), B&W (UK), JOHNSON (Hongkong), VTECH (Hongkong), KAIFA (China), CHINT (mainland), BOE (Mainland etc.).

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  • Capxon Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Capxon was founded in Taiwan in 1980, manufactured Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and constantly expanded its business. Given the global supply chain has been expanded to Mainland China, Capxon built its capacitor factory at Shenzhen in 1993. In order to strengthen the vertical integration of our manufacturing process and ensure the quality of our main manufacturing process, we built the first aluminum foil factory at Yichang in 2001.


    Capxon Group is the leading manufacturer in the industry with the ability to vertically integrate Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with anode aluminum foils. Regarding the examination of the raw materials, the overall manufacturing process, and operation of our group, we have installed related facilities and equipment to support our quality monitoring in order match the instructions and requirements demanded by international environmental protection protocols such as “RoHS”, "REACH”, "WEEE” and others. We have also introduced IECQ QC 080000 electronic and engineering parts and product hazardous substance process management system, practiced a green production mechanism, placed emphasis on occupational health and safety, and obtained related certificates such as the OHSAS 18001 management system recognition in order to win the trust of our customers.



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  • Kuan Kun Electronic Enterprise

    KUAN KUN ELECTRONIC ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (Su’scon) was founded by General Manager Johnson Su and has specialized in the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors since 1978. The brand Su’scon is an inspired recombination of Mr. Su’s surname with the ending letters of our three major Japanese competitors’ brands; c-o-n. Therefore, the concept and value behind the brand Su’scon is “Surpassing the Competition.” It is this competitive spirit that drives Su’scon to dominate the electrolytic capacitor industry, not just in Japan, but throughout the world. Commitment to quality and R&D are the building blocks of Su’scon’s globally renowned reputation today. 


    Our team consists of talented professionals who have unmatched R&D capabilities. We also invest heavily in advanced equipment to offer excellent products that enhance our customer’s competitive edge.

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