• Golledge Electronics Ltd
    A World-leading Supplier of Frequency Control Products

    Headquartered in a beautiful collection of converted farm buildings in the heart of South West England, Golledge exports to over 50 countries worldwide representing over 60% of revenue.  What sets us apart from other suppliers is the experience and ability of our people. Our business team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, enabling us to offer our customers friendly, professional advice and an extremely efficient service. 


    Our philosophy has always been based on quality and consistency of products and service. We have worked hard over the years to maintain our product range at the forefront of developments in frequency control markets. We place great importance on the relationships we have developed with our manufacturing partners, each one carefully selected for their own commitment to customer service and to product quality standards. 


    Our full range of products is specified in the product area of this website, and is the definitive source for up to date information including datasheets, product announcements, white papers and much more.

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  • Geyer Electronic e.K.
    Your producer for Quartz Crystals and Oscillators

    For decades, GEYER ELECTRONIC has been one of the leading manufacturers of frequency products, quartz crystals, oscillators, and ceramic resonators. In addition, we manufacture brand name batteries, accumulators (rechargeable batteries), and loading technologies. The highest quality, creativity, and safety characterize our innovative solutions. 


    As a reliable, success-oriented partner, we attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers during the development phase. This enables us to ensure that we will deliver you exactly what you wish for and need.

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  • Taitien Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Our Performance, Your Reputation

    Taitien, a quartz frequency control component manufacturer, (former Tai Tien Electronic Co., Ltd, established in 1976) was established in March 2000. Our main products include X’TAL, OSC, VCXO, TCXO, and is the only manufacturer in Taiwan that provides the technique of OCXO. Our complete product line enables one stop shopping service. 


    Taitien is based in Taiwan and has manufacturing sites in United States and China. Operation and sales sites are located in Taiwan, United States, Europe and China. Our customers come from various fields including automotive, consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications.  Taitien focuses on innovation and invests heavily in research & development. Over these years, the company patented quartz-manufacturing technologies. Today, Taitien is the leader in quartz industry and continues to develop new technologies through extensive research.

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  • Jiangsu Changjing Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
    Formerly Discrete Device division of Jiangsu Changjiang Elec.Tech (Stock code: 600584)

    JiangSu ChangJing Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (shorted for JSCJ), formerly a Discrete Device division of Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock code:600584), is a global leading manufacturer of Discrete Devices, Power Devices, Power Management IC, Frequency Devices, Automotive Electronics etc. Our 15,000 part series and models are widely used in a various range of applications.


    Headquartered in Nanjiang Jiangbei New District, we have established branch offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong,Taiwan, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other places, we also have Oversea subsidiaries to serve our international customers.


    JSCJ is a world-class innovative Semiconductor company, which provides Package Design, Product Research & Development, and After-sale Services globally, as well as a full range of professional production services from Chip measurement and packaging to finished product testing.


    Quality is not something you add, it has to be built-in. There is no compromise when it comes to quality. Focus on the innovation and development of China's semiconductor industry, JSCJ is dedicated to creating a World-class Semiconductor Brand!

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  • Interquip Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of Frequency Control Components

    Established in 1995, Interquip Electronics is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise in R&D, manufacturing and marketing high precision Quartz Crystal Resonators (including Thermistor Crystals and 32.768KHz Tuning Fork Crystals) and Oscillators (including TCXO, VCXO, LVDS/LVPECL output waveform XO, programmable Oscillators etc.). The frequency components produced can be widely applied in 5G Smart Home, Smart Wear, IoT, IoV, Consumer Electronics, Telemedicine, Automotive Electronics (conforms to AEC-Q200), Communication Industry, Security Applications, Industrial Equipment and other industries.

    The size of crystal resonators and oscillators ranges from 1.2 x 1.0mm to 7.0 x 5.0mm package, frequency available from 32.768KHz to 200MHz. With an annual production capacity of more than one billion frequency control components, Interquip has its crystal products exported to Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and other regions.

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  • Mercury Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd.

    MERCURY Electronic Ind Co., Ltd. has a 40-year history and is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to manufacture quartz crystals. However, the quartz crystal products used in the electronics industry have undergone great evolution, and the size has been miniaturized. The package has also changed from lead type to surface mount type, and the frequency range has been expanded to several KHz to several hundred MHz, and the precision is also calculated in parts per million. Its function is also extended to electronic communication intelligence and aerospace technology.


    With the needs of the market, the company continuously improves and researches and develops new products and production technologies, and pursues stable and excellent quality in order to meet the requirements of customers.




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