Ever Wonder Why Companies like Coca-cola or McDonald's Continue to Advertise despite Unprecedented Brand Awareness? The Best Sales Results depend on Long-term Ads to Succeed. That's why we offer our Best Advertisers Comprehensive Exposure using a Wide Array of Marketing Options, we now offering a menu of Multimedia Marketing Choices.

ComponenTrade 2023-2024

Digital e-Magazine & Print Magazine Advertising Position

• e-Magazine for Mobile Devices and Desktop.
• One Full Page • Double Page Spread
• Position for VIP Advertiser: 1, Inside Front Cover 2, Front Cover 3, First Page

• Ad Material Requirements: 1, Full Page Tim Size: 205 X 270 mm;  2, Bleed Size: 211 X 276mm.

ComponenTrade.com 2023-2024 Online Real-time Ads
• Bottom Banner Ad (Sizes: 1200 pixels wide, 280 pixels high)
Your Banner ad will Link Directly to your own Web site.

1, Your Company's Profile.   2, Digital Edition of Magazine Ad.   3, Contact Information and B2B Inquiry Function.

ComponenTrade Press Release Office, ComPRO® Press Releases Publishing Services

Press Releases is an Essential Element of any Public Relations Strategy, You can publishing New Product Releases, Event Announcements, and other Newsworthy Items, In Print and Online.

More Value-added Advertising Services:
Coordinated Marketing Messages appearing in Multiple Media Formats are More Effective than a Single-medium Ad Approach. Take Advantage of Integrated Marketing Opportunities, We now offer a Customizable Menu of
Multimedia Marketing Choices.

• Magazine "Stay in touch with advertisers" Page Business Card Insert for your Sales People
• Bonus Distribution your Company Brochure and/or Ad-Reprints at World's Leading Trade Shows.

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