• Isabellenhütte Heusler GMBH

    Our company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical resistance and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement and passive components in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries. Precision measurement systems from Isabellenhütte set the industry benchmark for current, voltage and temperature sensing in cars and trucks, hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as industrial and renewable energy generating systems.

    As one of the leading providers worldwide we are producing first-class precision and power resistors in the field of low resistance load for various applications. When it is about getting the most precisely measured results, in a minimum of space, we represent the ideal partner. This can be offered by our advanced shunt-technology. Thanks to our decades of experience and profound knowledge we are producing the highest quality precision resistors. Our series comply with the RoHS-Directives as well as the AEC-Q200-specifications. In some cases, they’re also qualified for use in space.

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  • State of the Art, Inc.

    State of the Art, Inc. was founded in 1969 as a business presenting short courses on thick film processing. We began manufacturing chip resistors in 1972 and our products have been used in mission-critical space and military programs since 1975. We have been qualified to supply MIL-PRF-55342 film chip resistors since 1980. Our comprehensive line of resistor products and our uncompromising dedication to quality, reliability, and customer service have established State of the Art, Inc.’s worldwide reputation as a leading supplier of chip resistors for mission-critical applications.

    All of our resistor products are made in the USA at our State College, Pennsylvania facility. We use the same design, materials, quality systems, and production line to produce our standard, high reliability, and QPL military products. All of our products are designed for reliability in demanding applications. State of the Art, Inc. remains a privately held and financially strong manufacturer dedicated to serving the high reliability market.

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    Since 1933, Electrical Resistance has a Name: VITROHM.

    Since 1933 the electrical resistor has had a name, when the industrialist Poul Kingo-Pedersen and the engineer Alex Haymann founded the Vitrohm company in Copenhagen. Haymann is considered to be the father of Danish electrical technology. In our understanding, there are no good or bad resistors, only right or wrong ones. Using the experience of the past, the present expertise and knowledge of the future technical demand, we claim to offer reliable and correct solutions to our customers.


    We always think and act with our customers in mind being ready to adapt to future trends and needs. Being flexible means to be open-minded and apply to our customers’ needs.


    Cultivate a “Culture of trust and innovation”, where employees feel comfortable coming forward with an idea, developing a team-oriented approach towards improving products, services and processes, to increase chances of igniting an innovative spark.


    We aim to contribute to the success of our customers and grow together as their valued and trusted partner. It is important, therefore, that we always take a customer-centric approach in all our business activities, including product development, customer service and sales activities. This means always thinking of ways to contribute to their business activities.


    Collaborate with our stakeholders for better results and focus on activities that create value for the company to deliver the best solutions with appropriate costs, speed and quality.

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  • Dongguan Qingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd
    Dongguan Qingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, with a registered capital of RMB 1,3333,000 and an annual turnover of approximately RMB 35 million.  It is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development, and sales of resistors, a military-civilian integration enterprise, with about 20 patents, and the only company in the domestic communications field that replaces American brand Vishay and Bourns resistors.

    At present, it has established good cooperation with many well-known listed companies such as Galanz, Midea, Dehao Runda, Fenghua Hi-Tech, Guoren Communication, Xinlianbo Communication, Sanxiong Aurora, Jingxin Communication, American ITW, Taiwan Guangjie, Konka Electronics, and other well-known listed companies Partnerships.

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  • Chian Chia Electronics (C.C.O)

    Chian Chia Electronics (C.C.O) was established in 1986 by chairman Mr. Chen Chu Zhi, our success in business comes from putting quality first, 30 years Taiwan high tech production skills, experience and imported material. Over years, CCO-branded product provides the best quality & the most competitive price for B2B industries over the world. The main applicable scope are including household equipments, Monitor, UPS, Power supply, LED, equipment of communication, car and so on. The main markets are in CHINA, Southeast Asia, South America, USA, Europe.

    In the global market, C.C.O also earn lots of reward, one of reward is the most potential electronic enterprise in China. Through 30 years efforts, C.C.O is from around 10 Employees Company up to 500 employees now; it’s including 60 members in Quality Control team and engineers. The monthly capacity reaches to 16 billion pieces. The area of factories is 46000 square meters, which is located at Shen Zhen and Hu bei. And two front office in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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  • TY-OHM Electronic Works Co., Ltd

    TY-OHM was established in 1958, the pioneer of resistors manufacturer in Taiwan. We first made carbon film and low-end wire wound resistors. In 1970 we made a venture cooperation with Japan Resistor Mfg. Co., Ltd. (JRM), producing metal oxide film and high-end wire wound resistors. In 1975 we made another technical cooperation with an American company named Kidco for getting how to make 1% tolerance of precision metal film resistors. In 1985, we developed resistor network and fusible resistors; SMD components of chip resistors and chip resistor networks were marketed in 1992. The latest power SMD resistors were introduced to customers in 2001.


    From the beginning, we have been paying special attention to quality system. As with JRM cooperation, we learned the skill to produce and inspect quality products. We obtained “Class A” good quality approval from local government in 1980, and ISO-9002 certificate in 1995 and Philips Lighting Oss award for excellent performance in quality, delivery and support in 1996.  Our headquarters is in Taiwan, where we have a factory for small-scale pilot run production. The main production sites are in China, one in Shenzhen and the other one in Suzhou. Total employees of TY-OHM group is 650, providing a variety of resistors to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, lighting, power supplies, solar panels, etc.

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