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Rutronik is expanding its range to include products from the Polish manufacturer Wilk Elektronik.
Time: 2019-04-11  |    |  17

The company manufactures memory products such as DRAM memory modules, memory cards, USB flash drives, and solid-state drives (SSD) under its GOODRAM Industrial brand. The distribution agreement is already in effect and applies worldwide.  Memory devices from GOODRAM Industrial are mainly used in industrial applications, particularly in industrial computers; embedded PCs; as well as automation, measurement, automotive and communication systems.  


Wilk Elektronik is the only European manufacturer of DRAM memory modules and has a technology partnership with Toshiba. Since the company operates its own production facility, its focus is on DRAM memory modules and flash products from the GOODRAM Industrial brand, with the trend towards 3D TLC technology, a press release reads. 


"We have worked together in different capacities since 2010, and our companies signed the global distribution agreement at the end of 2018. As a major distributor operating worldwide with extensive experience and exceptional logistics concepts, Rutronik is a perfect partner for us,” says Wolfgang Kemmler, Industrial Sales Manager at Wilk Elektronik, in a press release. 


Andreas Hofmann, Senior Manager Product Marketing Storage at Rutronik, adds: “By signing this distribution agreement with Wilk Elektronik, we are significantly expanding our range of high-performance storage devices. Our customers around the world now have the ability to select GOODRAM Industrial’s high-quality and cost-effective products for their projects.”

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