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America II signs distribution agreement with Legacy Memory manufacturer Alliance Memory
Time: 2019-03-10  |    |  21

The distributor of electronic components says that it has entered into a global distribution agreement with Alliance Memory, a manufacturer of legacy memory used in digital consumer, networking, mobile communication, industrial, medical and automotive applications.

"We’re extremely excited about this Global partnership with Alliance Memory,” says Doug Gilchrist, VP of Global Procurement for America II, in a press release. “Alliance Memory is an established brand whose legacy products will improve our ability to deliver additional options to our ever-growing global partners.”  Under terms of the agreement, America II will have worldwide distribution rights to Alliance Memory’s entire product portfolio including Fast and Low Power Asynchronous SRAM, Pseudo SRAMs, Synchronous DRAM, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 in addition to Mobile LPSDRAM, LPDDR, LPDDR2 DRAM.  "We’re excited to have America II as an authorized distributor,” says David Bagby, President and CEO at Alliance Memory.

"Their industry knowledge and global sales coverage will allow us to expand our distribution channel, introduce our products to new customers, and grow market share. They know our products and target markets extremely well, and we look forward to a successful relationship with them.”

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